Privacy Policy

About Privacy

Luke Plaza Hotel uses the personal information of customers for the following purposes.

Making various arrangements for customers
The hotel uses the information to make arrangements for customers, such as responding to inquiries and sending material.
Making contact in other situations
Furthermore, the hotel may contact customers by email, phone, or letter if the hotel determines it is necessary to do so.

Luke Plaza Hotel carefully manages the personal information of customers.

The database that includes the personal information of users of this website is stored in a system that employs a firewall, which protects the database from access originating outside the hotel. In addition, appropriate measures are taken to prevent the leak, release, destruction, or alteration of personal information.

Luke Plaza Hotel does not provide the personal information of customers to third parties without the consent of the customer.

However, the personal information of customers may be provided to third parties in the following situations.

  • If an official inquiry that complies with laws and ordinances is receive from a public entity such as the police or courts.
  • If there is an important and urgent need to do so for customers, the hotel, or a third party.

Luke Plaza Hotel respects customers’ wishes regarding the handling of their personal information.

If a request is received from a customer whom the hotel has no need to contact, the hotel will stop contacting that customer by email, phone, letter, or other method.

Use of cookies and access log

This website uses cookies. Cookies can be deactivated using browser settings, but doing so may make it impossible to provide some of the website’s services. In addition, an access log is kept of people who access the website. The access log includes information such as the person’s domain name, IP address, browser type, access date and time, and source link. However, information that makes it possible to identify individuals is not included.

The access log is used to maintain and manage the website and to conduct statistical analysis of the website’s use and for no other purpose.